Sunday, June 10, 2007


A ofensiva contra a família intensifica-se

Será que o 'nosso' governo socialista tentará seguir os passos do amigo Blair?

Suffer the Little Children
Num artigo publicado na Salisbury Review, Patricia Morgan denuncia a intensificação da ofensiva do governo Labour contra a família.

The Sexual Orientation regulations being tagged on to the Equality Act 2006 by ministerial edict aim to stop those who supply services, goods or facilities from discriminating on grounds of sexual orientation. With the usual duplicity it is argued that the new arrangements mirror what is already the law in employment and occupation, and simply prohibit treating people less favourably, as with race. Teachers will risk prosecution if they do not treat homosexual activity as useful and desirable as heterosexual relations. Offence is subjectively defined and given where someone feels that their ‘dignity has been violated’.

As Lord Tebbit remarked, this will inevitably ‘create not only a shadow… but a wide fear of persecution’: Home Office officials are preparing to identify schools which lack enthusiasm for rooting out ‘homophobia’ to be reported to the police, with ‘hate crime co-ordinators’ and reporting systems to be ‘marketed and distributed’ everywhere from GPS surgeries to shops to play schemes. With eight major statutes on gay rights passed since 1997, Lord Moran observed how sensitivity to homosexual lobbies has resulted in other interests and minorities being rebuffed. New gay rights were dictatorially imposed in Northern Ireland by executive fiat; avoiding primary legislation and any hope of amendment. The situation is little better in the UK — the leader of the Conservative Party has declared that he will support the measures.

The advent of civil unions has meant the term ‘partner’ replacing that of spouse/ husband/wife (so all are perceived to be in transient couplings of convenience), something now imposed on adoption agencies. The influential British Association for Adoption and Fostering, which provides training and advice, has long been as eager to further same sex adoption as it has been circumspect about transracial adoption — condemned in social work as a threat to black children’s cultural integrity. In BAAF’s ‘good practice’ guide to recruiting gay carers, the needs and interests of children hardly figure. It is not just asking for gays to have equal chances with other candidates, but making war on the ‘traditional nuclear family’ as something invented in the interests of colonial expansion, and not a way people actually live. Heterosexuality is ‘based on myths and stereotypes, and ‘gender is not biological’, but ‘a social, cultural, psychological and historical construct’. The external world is as unpredictable and illusory as the law.

While the heterosexual married family is treated with contempt, misgivings about homosexuality are characterised as a morbid fear to be fixed with reeducation sessions. Practitioners must ‘challenge’ the ‘homophobic assumptions’, of birth family and panel members, and children must be reconciled to having gay carers. All contravene guidelines about consultation. Consider if this were a black child being placed with white adoptive parents against his will.

Christians and Christian churches, schools, charities, printers and venues are directly in the firing line, since they are being coerced to provide services that aid and abet behaviours that conflict with their fundamental beliefs. The future of Catholic and Jewish adoption agencies is in the balance, and the withdrawal of public money will mean the end of their voluntary work with children and families.

The obliteration of all standards of right and wrong, true or false extends to empirical criteria and considerations. Might we expect some objective research on comparative outcomes for children placed with gay adopters? I think not. After the Bishop of Chester told his local newspaper in 2003 about research showing that some homosexuals do reorientate their sexuality (true), he was investigated by the police. The Crown Prosecution Service could not act since legislation did not then provide for specific offences based on sexuality. The counter culture neo-Marxists were right — the shock troops of gay liberation, in ridding us of the nuclear family, will sweep with it what the legacy of Western enlightenment meant by objectivity, in law or science, rationality or freedom.

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