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A vaga de anti-semitismo que assola a Europa, já encontra eco no Parlamento Europeu. Este artigo de Melanie Phillips denuncia a hipoocrisia das atitudes ‘politicamente correctas’ dos que mandam em Bruxelas e Estrasburgo.
Melanie Phillips’s Diary -

Never again?

One of the most disturbing features of contemporary Jew-hatred is the availability on sale, in certain Islamic bookshops and on campuses around Europe, of the Tsarist forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. That such a deranged and wholly discredited conspiracy theory about a purported Jewish plot to rule the world should be in circulation in modern western societies is an example of how the west is passively allowing the dissemination of material which is helping poison and inflame countless ignorant and impressionable minds and contributing to the current climate of medieval-style hysteria about the ‘world Jewish conspiracy’.

The EU is always banging on about racism, discrimination and the like. Nevertheless, not only were the Protocols published in French three months ago in Belgium but they were even briefly on display for sale inside the EU Parliament. To counter this evil, a month ago Dr Emanuele Ottolenghi, Director of the Transatlantic Institute in Brussels, sent a copy of The Plot to all MEPs and their staff. The Plot is a graphic novel by Alan Eisner which draws upon the history of this hoax. Dr Ottolenghi was subsequently astounded to receive a letter from the European Parliament saying it was refusing to distribute the book ‘due to the nature of its content’. When he asked for an explanation, he was fobbed off with conflicting excuses: they didn’t allow advertisements, the book had religious content, it had no relevance with the Parliament’s agenda. He has now lodged an appeal with the Quaestor in charge, Astrid Lulling MEP from Luxembourg ( But so far, she has not even acknowledged receipt of his appeal — and from the rest of the Parliament, there is only silence.

So now can see just what the EU’s much-trumpeted espousal of anti-racism and human rights comes down to. It opens letters sent to MEPs — and if it doesn’t approve of their contents, it censors them and prevents MEPs from receiving them. It provides a platform for one of the most pernicious contributions to global Jew-hatred that has ever been published, which would thus appear to have ‘relevance with the Parliament’s agenda’, but refuses to distribute an antidote to it, which apparently does not.

Is this not a scandal? What are our MEPs doing allowing this to happen? And in Europe, of all places?

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